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Montag, Oktober 31, 2005

playboy bunnies and the ruby community

eric has some problems with some things martin fowler said about the ruby community vs. the python community in his blog

what was really said

now if he read martins blog entry really and slowly he might notice that martin does say that he does not know if the ruby community is nicer than the python community but that he has noticed that the ruby community is nicer that most other online communities.
this of course could include python but not necessarily so.


as far as i can tell it is definitly true that the ruby community is a very nice one and especially so if you compare it to other communities.
have a look on any thread on theserverside.com or on java lobby.
or have a look at hibernate forums. many of them are populated by rude and/or arrogant people.
my experiences with python people are as equally conforting as those with ruby people. be it online or offline.

what eats them

what i also observe thou is that python people are getting easily ungentlemen like if you start talking RoR.
they simply do not understand the hype especially as python has all of that too.
sorry guys but sometimes timing and a little bit of luck is all it needs. ask digital research and microsoft about it.
maybe the biggest issue here is that pythons are used to eat and not be eaten.


as far as i am concerned - i like both communties - especially in
contrast to any java community (and particulary to the hibernate guys).
sure eric is right: bunny rabbits are even nicer than ruby people. BUT any playboy bunny is even nicer that a rabbit bunny.
belive me if i had the chance to spend a night with one of these bunnies i wouldnt frett a minute for not having any one of you nerds around me.
be it nice ruby or python people.
so please get a life - and me too.


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