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Montag, Oktober 17, 2005

ruby geeks gathering (euruko 2005)

so its done. 2 days of nerdy talk by nerds with nerds.
and beer of course as this was in munich.


or the lack thereof. at least that was my first impression when
i looked at the conference page and when the conference started.
but stefan who was the chair of the conference did very well.
he organised the tracks ad hoc by giving index cards
to the participants to write the name and a short description
of their talk(s). after doing that all of us discussed the
concrete schedule and after everybody introduced himself
(there where about 40 of us) the talks began.

the good and the ugly

as ever when going to a conference
- especially to technology conference -
the quality of talks ranges from pretty lame to almost brilliant.
same of course is true for the speakers themselves.
there are speakers who are gifted and ... well ... uhm ... yes.

interesting stuff

kingsley did a very interesting talk
about using selenium as a testing framework on agile projects.
thou i am not that much into agile projects i found he's talk
enlightning. this will enable me to push ruby into our company
as the benefits can be hardly argued.
also rob's talk about his jedit plugin was quite nice. i will
certainly us the plugin on my ladies notebook
(that is the one for traveling :-) )

outstanding stuff

chris did a presentation on a
framework he wrote that does AOP. actually he calls
it contextR but it does quite a bit of aspectizing.
not only was the topic the most interesting one on the
whole conference (and judging the real long applause
he got the other participants felt the same) but
the presentation and the style where excellent as well.
the only issue i have is:

  • no, not that the performance of contextR is
    horrible (that will be hopefully fixed)

  • no, also not that some constructs are missing for doing
    AOP in a more pleasing way (a pointcut language
    and the like wouldbe really good but that is easily fixed to)

no the issue i have is: that kid is as half as old as i am - but
at least twice as good as me.
man, do i feel old!
so find his presentation here

anyways i am looking forward to euruko 2006 and meeting you there again.


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