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Donnerstag, Oktober 20, 2005

teclarative.rb (information underflow)

christian has blogged about my talk on euruko.
it was about teclarative.rb. a domain specific language
for declarative testing. now as people read chris's
blogg they start asking for more information.

the short answer

sadly there is not much of that at the moment. for
the talk i created of course a set of slides which
i have converted to PDF and which you can download
but there is only a slight chance that you
will find the slides usefull as i was creating them
according to the takahashi method.
this methods lends itself very well to live presentations
(at least that was my impression when doing the talk) but it
falls absolutely short when giving it to people that have not
attended the talk.


so for all the interested parties:
please give me a few more days to polish the library
as well as create some decent documentation.
i will announce on this blog and on comp.lang.ruby.


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